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Stories for Change

The Census Counts campaign launched Stories for Change, an expanding and downloadable series of videos, quote graphics, and infographics, featuring whose lived experiences show the deep connections between census participation and a wide spectrum of advocacy, including racial justice, immigration, disability, labor, and faith.

Censo 101 de Fe Presentación

El Censo es un mandato constitucional del conteo de todas las personas que viven en los EE. UU. Todas las personas, independientemente de su raza, tradición de fe, estatus migratorio o estatus económico son contadas.

Queremos asegurarnos de que todas las personas, independientemente de su raza, edad o estatus migratorio sean contadas para que tengamos un conteo justo y preciso.

Kit de Herramientas de fe Para el Censo 2020 — (2020 Census Faith Toolkit)

Los líderes de fe se encuentran entre los mensajeros más confiables en nuestras comunidades y están posicionados para jugar un papel clave para asegurar que todos sean contados en el Censo 2020. Este kit de herramientas está diseñado para equipar a los líderes de fe como usted, con recursos, mensajes y pasos de acción para ayudarle a asegurarse de que cada adulto y niño en su comunidad sea contado, independientemente de su raza, tradición de fe, estatus migratorio o económico.

Count All Kids Posters

Children should be included on your 2020 Census form—and not just children related to you, but any kids living at your address most of the time. When babies and children are included, the programs that support them get the funding they need.

Count All Kids Message Guide

This message guide is based on qualitative and quantitative message research that Count All Kids commissioned. The document is a reference for affiliates and partners to adapt and share messages about the 2020 Census with families that have young children.

GOTC Toolkit: Messaging & Media

This section of the toolkit outlines how to create messaging that resonates with people and how to use media outreach to move them to action. We want to help you move people from having a basic understanding about the census to sparking a genuine passion for making sure that they, as well as their families and communities, are counted.

Count All Kids Toolkit

As the fastest-growing population, the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) communities are rising up. But, our visibility and representation depends on ALL of us getting counted in the 2020 Census!

Factsheet: Count All Kids – Spanish

The 2020 Census is coming! It is so important that everyone is counted - but there are questions in the disability community about how exactly individuals living in group homes will be counted. It can be confusing because the process for counting people in group homes may vary within regions or states.

TOOLKIT: What To Know For March (NHPI)

As one of the fastest-growing populations, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) communities are growing in political power. But, our visibility and representation depends on ALL of us getting counted in the 2020 Census. It only happens once every 10 years, so make sure you and your community get counted!

Start preparing for the 2030 Census today!

Check out our Roadmap to 2030 to get started.

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