Census Community Messaging Guidance on Presidential Memorandum

Key Takeaways: 

  • President Trump released a memo on July 21, 2020, saying that undocumented communities will not count for dividing up Congressional representation between the states. The Presidential memo is unconstitutional and is being challenged by legal advocacy groups.
  • The census does not ask whether you or anyone in your household is a citizen and does ask about immigration status.
  • We are all counted. The census counts every person living in the county, including non-citizens and regardless of immigration status.
  • Participating in the census is critically important to getting our families and communities the resources and representation we deserve. Our census responses help the government decide where to invest in schools, services, roads, hospitals, and more.
  • We have the strongest confidentiality protections in the history of the census. The Census Bureau is not allowed to share individual census responses with anyone, including immigration enforcement and other government agencies.