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Webinar: Census and Data

This webinar discusses census and data security, diving deeper into how the Census Bureau will be addressing security challenges on the first ever online census questionnaire. We also discuss how the Census Bureau keeps census data confidential and how census data are used to allocate federal funding.

Webinar: Best Practices and Staying Legal: Census Phone and Texting Outreach

As we approach the 2020 Census, many organizations nationally and locally are planning to use phone calls and peer-to-peer texting programs to Get Out The Count. The Census Bureau recently released guidance around outreach that seemed to prohibit utilizing such tactics to drive responses to the Census 2020. However, this messaging does not fully reflect the outreach options that organizations have when promoting participation in the Census. To ensure that everyone stay in compliance while maximizing census outreach, the Census Counts coalition is hosting a webinar to walk through what the guidance means, what organizations can and cannot do, and some best practices from the field.

How Nonprofits Can Ensure an Accurate Census Count

Nonprofits can play a critical role in ensuring an accurate census count by making sure temporary census workers do not lose their public benefits, while working for the Census Bureau. Research from past advocacy campaigns demonstrates that residents are more responsive to answer the door for people from within their community. However, members of the hard to count community are often ineligible to work even temporarily as census enumerators without losing their public assistance. Each state agency that administers TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, or CHIP must elect to opt into a waiver process that protects the benefits of temporary census workers. Read this factsheet to find out more about the waiver process, and what you can do to ensure agencies in your state are opting in.

Webinar: Fundraising for Census 2020

This AAJC webinar discusses support from the Census Equity Fund for states lacking funding infrastructure and other census funding resources such FCCP and FCI resources for funders and stakeholders. APIAVote previews leadership and civic engagement training opportunities through their Norman Y. Mineta Institute and their work with local partners.