Webinar: 2020 Census, Who’s at Risk of Being Miscounted?

The 2020 Census faces unprecedented challenges and threats to its accuracy. Demographic changes over the past decade will make the population harder to count. And underfunding, undertested process changes, and the last-minute introduction of a citizenship question could result in serious miscounts, potentially diminishing communities’ rightful political voice and share of funding. Urban Institute researchers will share findings from their newly released report and interactive that highlight the potential miscounts nationally, by state, and for different demographic groups according to low, medium, and high risk scenarios for the 2020 Census.

Presenters Include:

  • Diana Elliott – Senior Research Associate, Urban Institute
  • Rob Santos – Vice President and Chief Methodologist, Urban Institute

View the slides from this webinar here.

For more information visit the Urban Institute’s interactive report here and their full report here.