Census Counts is a collaborative campaign of more than 60 national organizations, along with community partners in 50 states and the District of Columbia, working to ensure communities the census has historically missed are counted. As trusted local, state, and national messengers, Census Counts organizations communicate the facts and importance of the census, provide resources to facilitate participation, and address the concerns of community members.


Join the States Count Action Network

Co-led by The Education Fund and State Voices, the States Count Action Network was established as a space to hold field strategy discussions and provide resources for the get-out-the-count (GOTC) phase of the 2020 Census. S-CAN consists of state and national groups with state affiliates that include advocacy organizations, direct service providers, and more.

Now, S-CAN continues to update members on post-2020 Census operational developments and other census news and support advocacy around other Census Bureau programs, including the American Community Survey. As advocates begin looking toward the next decennial census, S-CAN is turning its focus to providing resources and spaces for advocates to strategize together to prepare for the 2030 Census, beginning with a census advocacy webinar/call series and additional programming to come.

State census advocate? Join S-CAN now!

Start preparing for the 2030 Census today!

Check out our Roadmap to 2030 to get started.

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