Toolkit to Help Count Foster Children and Homeless Children

Children in foster care and homeless children are at particularly high risk of being missed in the 2020 census. We have therefore prepared a fact sheet on counting foster children and a fact sheet on counting homeless children.

The best way to get the foster care fact sheet in the hands of foster parents may be to ask your state child welfare agency to have all its contractors that manage foster families to send their families this fact sheet. Accordingly, we have drafted a letter for you to send your state agency asking them to do this.

Alternatively, you could send this request and the fact sheet directly to major service agencies managing foster care caseloads.

Similarly, the best way to make sure that homeless families are counted is probably to get the homeless fact sheet to organizations that serve homeless families. Please consider sharing this letter with your state’s agency serving the homeless, with homeless advocates, and with your state’s schools’ homeless coordinators.