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Our Count 2020 Census Toolkit

Download the 2020 Census Our Count Toolkit to learn more on how you can play a part in ensuring Black Americans around the country know what the Census is, why it matters, and how we all can make sure we, our families, and our communities are counted fairly and accurately in 2020.

Webinar: Census 2020 Activities for Adult Education Classrooms and Programs

This webinar described resources and activities aimed at mobilizing adult education students and their communities to get out the census count. Teaching resources shared in the webinar address census basics (what it is, why it matters, and how to participate) as well as census issues (such as past misuse of census data and what’s different now) as they build language, literacy, and numeracy skills. We will also share examples of program-wide campaigns that energize students and give them an opportunity to practice their leadership and civic skills.

Start preparing for the 2030 Census today!

Check out our Roadmap to 2030 to get started.