People who live in Texas could miss out on a lot if everyone is not counted in the Census. Texas could lose out on the political representation it deserves. And people and communities could be denied money that they need for schools, community health care, jobs, and transportation.

In 2016, Texas received more than $59 billion from federal spending programs guided by data derived from the 2010 Census. Texas can’t afford to miss out!

Contact these Texas partners to get involved. The Census Counts. So do you.

State Contacts:

Center for Public Policy Priorities 

Katie Martin, Census Community Engagement Coordinator


Border Network for Human Rights  

Teresa Sotelo, Census Coordinator
(915) 422-4822
[email protected]

Irma Cruz, Regional Coordinator
(915) 222-6265
[email protected]

Featured Resources

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Updates from Texas

Update from Border Network for Human Rights:
We are working to promote census participation among socially, economically, and politically marginalized communities at the US-MX border, bridging gaps like age, language, and immigration status. Our program is ‘We Count Because We Count’ not only because of the importance of the census to our families and our communities, but because it affirms one of the keys of our work as a human rights organization, that we matter, that we count, just because of our humanity.