Presented by Census Counts and the Funders Census Initiative

Wednesday, September 18 at 1pm: Part 5 – How to Monitor the Count in Real Time

Part 5 of the Census Counts + Funders Census Initiative census operations series will cover how organizations can monitor the progress of the count in real time, to guide resource and outreach targeting, messaging and strategy modifications, and additional investments, as needed. Speakers also will discuss what we can (and cannot) learn from real time indicators of census progress. Register here.


  • Terri Ann Lowenthal, Census Consultant
  • Steven Romalewski, Director, CUNY Mapping Service at the Center for Urban Research at The Graduate Center / CUNY
  • Moderated by: Sol Marie Alfonso-Jones, Senior Program Officer, Long Island Community Foundation

Past Webinars:

Wednesday, March 13 at 1pm Eastern : Part 1 – Self-Response 

Recording + slide deck

Part 1 of this Census Operations Series includes an overview of 2020 Census peak operations, with a focus on self-response to include timing, modes of response, languages available, methods for delivery of materials, information on the Update/Leave operation in rural and remote areas — including American Indian reservations — and the targeted Update/Enumerate operation.


  • Terri Ann Lowenthal, Census Consultant
  • Arturo Vargas, Chief Executive Officer, NALEO Educational Fund
  • Moderated by: Anita Banerji, Forefront

Wednesday, April 10 at 1pm Eastern: Part 2 – Hiring

Recording + slide deck

Part 2 of this Census Operations Series will include an overview of the U.S. Census Bureau recruitment and hiring strategies. This webinar will discuss challenges to these hiring strategies and the impact of the low unemployment rate, online applications, and the waiver process for retired federal workers, work-eligible non-citizens, and the formerly incarcerated. The webinar will also discuss how community-based organizations can plan hiring outreach efforts.


  • Jeri Green, National Urban League
  • Stephanie B. Kim, Community Connect Labs
  • Gavin Baker, American Library Association
  • Phylicia Hill, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights under Law
  • Moderated by: Terri Ann Lowenthal, Census Consultant

Wednesday, May 8 at 1pm Eastern: Part 3 – Enumeration of Group Quarters & Transitory Locations

Recording + slide deck

Part 3 of this Census Operations Series will cover: service-based enumeration of people experiencing homelessness; Enumeration of college dorms, prisons, skilled nursing homes, and military installations; and Enumeration of highly mobile populations such as campsites, circuses, marinas, and migrant farm worker camps.


  • Cara Brumfield, Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality
  • Meghan Maury, National LGBTQ Taskforce
  • Terri Ann Lowenthal, Census Consultant
  • Moderated by: Christian Arana, Latino Community Foundation

Wednesday, June 12 at 1:00 pm EST: Part 4 – Nonresponse Follow Up

Recording + slide deck

Part 4 of the Census Counts and the Funders Census Initiative census operations series will cover nonresponse follow up procedures for the 2020 Census. Speakers will include:

  • Terri Ann Lowenthal, Census Consultant
  • Joseph Salvo, Chief Demographer, Population Division, NYC Department of City Planning
  • Moderated by Terry Ao Minnis, Director of the census and voting programs, Advancing Justice, AAJC