An Accessible GOTC Plan

Include Everyone, Count Everyone

The Census Bureau is making sure the 2020 Census is accessible. It’s up to us to make our outreach efforts are fully accessible as well. For example, will your census event be held at an accessible location or will it be inaccessible to those with mobility issues? Will your 2020 Census handouts be available in accessible formats or will it be inaccessible to people who are visually impaired? Will it be assumed that someone with a developmental disability cannot complete the questionnaire without someone else completing it for them?

Physical Accessibility
Be sure to host any 2020 Census event at an accessible location.
Auditory Accessibility
When hosting 2020 Census events, use microphones when speaking, and ask participants to do the same.
Visual Accessibility
Documents should be available in various accessible formats, standard size font (12 point), large size font (18 point), Braille, and perhaps even electronic versions for people who use screen readers.
All 2020 Census outreach videos should have captions in order to be accessible.

Website Accessibility
Be sure to make any 2020 Census website accessible. People should be able to navigate all your website’s menus and all of its interactive functions without a mouse and be able to use assistive technology such as a screen reader.

Word and WordPerfect
Most documents created in Word or WordPerfect are accessible to screen readers if they only contain text (that is, no photos, graphs and clip art).
To check whether a PDF is accessible, click on the “Select Text” icon. If you can select the text with your mouse, then the document is accessible.