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Stories for Change

The Census Counts campaign launched Stories for Change, an expanding and downloadable series of videos, quote graphics, and infographics, featuring whose lived experiences show the deep connections between census participation and a wide spectrum of advocacy, including racial justice, immigration, disability, labor, and faith.

An Introduction to the 2020 Census

A guide that gives a brief explanation of the Census and answers questions from the LGBTQ community about the name, sex, relationship, and household size questions. It also highlights the questions on the Census and breaks down some of the questions.

Webinar: North Carolina Faithful Census

As trusted messengers, faith leaders have a critical role to play in helping prepare their communities for the 2020 Census. This webinar explains the basics of the census, what’s at stake for North Carolina, and how people of faith can spread the word to ensure all people are counted. Featured speakers focus on the importance of counting LGBTQ people and children.

Start preparing for the 2030 Census today!

Check out our Roadmap to 2030 to get started.