Once a decade, the Census Bureau fulfils a constitutionally mandated count of every person living in the United States. The decennial census is the largest peacetime mobilization undertaken by the federal government, culminating in a collection of data vital to U.S. social, political, and economic systems. In addition to the logistical difficulties of carrying out a national headcount, the 2020 Census has its own unique set of challenges.   

That’s where census stakeholders come in. Community-based organizations, state and local elected officials and other key stakeholders play an invaluable role in educating, mobilizing, and assisting people to participate in the census. In addition, new technology creates an opportunity to deploy new technologies and strategies.

Census Counts campaign leaders are developing a toolkit to provide you with information, ideas, and strategies you can use to partner effectively with local public officials, community leaders, and other organizations to get out the word about the 2020 Census.  The toolkit is being produced by members of the Census Counts Campaign. Census Counts, a collaborative campaign led by The Leadership Conference Education Fund, mobilizes participation at the state and national levels to guarantee we count everyone in the 2020 Census, especially those communities that are hardest to count. The campaign works to educate stakeholders and the public about the importance of a fair and accurate census to our communities, families, and children—and to make sure that the Census has the money and leadership to do the job right.  We are working together to make sure that the 2020 Census is fair and accurate—and to prevent people from being missed in the 2020 Census—so that communities do not miss out on the political power they deserve and the resources they need.

The toolkit includes information on:

  • State Advocacy and Complete Count Committees
  • Get out The Count Outreach Planning
  • Messaging and Media
  • Digital Tools and Organizing Strategies
  • Information about Census Operations
  • Partnerships
  • Offering Assistance in Completing the Census Form
  • Technology and Data Security
  • Accessibility
  • State-Specific Resources

Coming November 2019.